Add two secret questions (Required):

q1 I have not yet spent my honeymoon.
q2 I do not know if I have met my spouse.
q3 I have not even met all of my cousins.
q4 why do you also tell me, o great god of secret questioning, “Make sure your answer is private, memorable and does not change over time?” What if I have another child and give them a nickname?
q5 without a honeymoon?!
q6 no
q7 no No NO
q8 Who was the last one to buy me dinner?
q9 Do great uncles count?
q10 and 11 How do evangelicals answer these? I’d answer “Southbridge,” but that will no longer be private when I post my answer to the blogosphere.
Q12 Okay! Do you hate security question?

Then they ask you more unanswerable questions.

q1 Pollan for now, but subject to change.
q2 I have not married between the first and second set of questions.
q3 or between the second and third question within the second set.
q4 uhh
q5 I don’t even know the names of my cousins.
q6 meh
q7 I don’t have a car.
q8 or a motorcycle.
q9 Didn’t nearly everyone’s first pet die? Thanks for bringing up the memory of feeding my pet frog for two weeks, hoping he would start moving again.
q10 I have not watched a sporting event in three years.
q11 We spent time in many places.
q12 Favorite teacher in what sense?
q13 Every year when I was young my best friend would move away or transfer schools.
q14 eww
q15 Is boss still a politically correct term?
q16 What if I was birthed at home?
q17 I do not frequently fly.
q18 I still have not grown up, that should be evident here.
q19 Okay, again?!


12 Crane
June 4, 2008, 7:55 pm
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My friend and I left Putnam, Connecticut in hopes of finding yummy sandwiches in Southbridge, Massachusetts. I remembered seeing that Sturbridge Coffee Roasters had sandwiches so we traveled the few miles to Hamilton Street. Sturbridge Coffee Roasters is in the Flat Iron Building. Not THE Flatiron Building, but the Flat Iron Building of Southbridge. It looks slightly out of place, surrounded by vinyl-sided triple-deckers and two story walk-ups, but has no doubt set an example for the surrounding neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the coffee place was closed. We walked around back where we found an ice cream place and an art gallery. As we were decided to go look elsewhere my friend recognized a woman and asked if she knew her. She did indeed! She was the mother of a friend and also the owner of the building. She gave us a tour and told us that she also owned the building and businesses across the street. The building is 12 Crane (named for its location at 12 Crane Street) and has tasteful Helvetica lettering to tell you so. There is an Irish Pub, restaurant and brewery located within.

The woman who gave us the tour of both buildings was Margaret Morrissey who owned them with her husband Gabriel McCarthy. She apparently lives down the street from me in Pomfret and knows a few of our neighbors.

When I went home and told my very proud Irish mother about the Irish pub I had found and the woman I met she told me she had met her at my grandfathers funeral. Ms. Morrissey is the librarian at the library that my grandfather patronized (or as my mother put it, lived in).