Steve Lambert

Steve Lambert gave a lecture as part of the Visual Art Lecture Series at Bennington College. After the above introduction was played he explained that his lecture would follow the format of all lectures by artists:

exercises (the removal of our shoes)
show work (see below)
where he comes from (a monk and a nun)
more work (again, see below)
various tangents (I do not remember these)
q & a (check!)

He spoke about many of his projects. Some of my favorites were:

The New York Times Special Edition
The Department of Fill in the Blank
Co-op Bar (!)
Emma Goldman Institute for Anarchist Studies


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Halloween Party, 1940


These images are from the Pratt Schoolhouse, once located across the street from where the Pomfret Center, Connecticut post office is today. A few of the children are ghosts and witches, there is a nurse, a cow, and a Snow White. The costumes are very unique, but I have no idea who or what many of the children intended to look like with their costumes. Help me out!

There are also a few clues around the classroom regarding what the students were studying. Nine years later the town’s new Pomfret Community School for grades K-12 was completed.




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View East from Studio


This is the view from my Swan Garage studio. The maintenance facility can be seen in the mid-ground. I is nice to work with the door open, but it is getting colder and this will no longer be an option. Faculty parking is directly in front of the doors, and therefore views are spoiled for much of the day. I currently have the following books checked out of Crossett Library:

Breakfast Lunch Tea by Rose Carrarini
David Smith 1905-1965 by the Fogg Art Museum
Defiant Gardens by Kenneth I. Helphand
Eating Architecture edited by Jamie Horwitz and Paulette Singley
Floor Plan Manual edited by Friederike Schneider
Futurist Cookbook, The by Marinetti
Housing + Single Family Housing by Manuel Gausa
Lois Orswell, David Smith, and Modern Art by Marjorie B. Cohn
Pamphlet Architecture by Mark Janson