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Every time I plant something I learn why I should not have planted it. Sometimes I do not have the resources or skills to successfully grow it. Other times I have been informed that certain species or garden techniques go against some sort of moral decree. Below I have outlined some of the major problems.


With roses, one must decide between disease or brevity, class or caste.
I have been indoctrinated into believing in invasive species, and, until recently, have never thought to consider opposing views.
I do not support sexism. or racism. or excessive rivalry between siblings.
I don’t want to support plant patenting.
Is it better to keep off the grass or to rethink grass?


I am unable to grow anything that absolutely needs full sun, because I do not have it.
A borderless garden, for one previously explained reason.
Any plant requiring warm, tropical temperatures.
I do not have the money for many desired perennials.
I am constantly wondering whether the plants that I do feel are worth purchasing are not impostors.
Local farmers’ markets are now convenient. The nearest is a five minute drive after work and opens when I am released.


The weather never cooporates and my leafy greens have difficulty germinating. Those that germinate bolt.
The west plot of the garden has been left undisturbed in order to protect a hemlock in the final years of its demise.
Houseplants can not be expected to survive in my parents’ care.
I have become entirely too familiar with certain species.
The Bennington curriculum!

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