zoological phenomena

Ten years ago it was not necessary for our family to protect any of our plants. Now, however, no plant is safe. The hosta on the east side of the house has not survived a single season in five years, the holly gets a yearly pruning in winter, and the vegetable garden now requires a six-foot fortress. Perhaps our property has been established as a (Good Grazing Ground (GGG) by the Association of Hungry Deer (AHD).

The article above was published in the New York Times in September of 1905. The previous day an article was published on the impact of deer on Pomfret’s farms.

Vegan gardening. in order to make this Frittata? or possibly to grow lesser-known fruits?

The New York Times has an article on students and recent graduates who are performing internships at farms. The article did not mention any of the Bennington students who have interned at farms (Bennington once had its own farm), but the article did mention that the interns came armed with a Bennington graduate’s book.

Cheever living in CT.


Google Map Street View in Pomfret

ppl street view

Google has added street level photographs of Route 44 in Pomfret. Although Route 169, a National Scenic Byway, has not yet been added the stretch of road that shares the road bed with Route 44 has been. Based on the construction taking place along the route, the photographs were taken last summer. The camera car path line (the yellow line) is slightly misplaced along the route, often going off of the road. The view above is at the Pomfret Public Library looking South. I have found one big camera glitch, or possibly a temporary installation for your viewing. It would be exciting to see the rest of the town’s roads in street view.