Toasters and Hangers
April 27, 2009, 8:15 pm
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This beautiful installation was made by a design collaborative known as to22. Their work cosists of ideas. This wire coat hanger installation was designed to make “something from nothing.”

Please also view this beautiful toaster. and this cool but stupid toaster. and this very, very stupid toaster.

Please view my favorite recipes and food related stories on TasteSpotting! The link to my favorites has been added to my “Virtually Frequented Sites” section to the left. It is easy to register and save your favorites. It is also easy to spend hours on this site.

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Playboy Journalist Not Being Tourtured
April 23, 2009, 1:39 am
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A Playboy journalist attempts to endure 15 seconds of waterboarding. He was able to withstand 5-6 seconds. It isn’t torture.

in the ground
April 22, 2009, 1:38 pm
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arugula, asparagus,* broccoli, chives,* lemon balm,* lettuce, lovage,* onions, parsley, peas, spinach

* denotes perennials planted prior to this year

Long Weekend


It is long weekend. I am in Connecticut, at home. I have been cleaning up my yard, and I will soon be working in my garden. I planted peas the last weekend in March as I thought it was time to plant them, but I do not think that it was. Not a single pea has peaked above ground. Perhaps this was an especially cold March? Maybe they are taking their time. I don’t know.

I picked up litter on 6/10ths of a mile on my road. I did this six months ago as well. I collected:

Redeemables (67)
32 alcohol cans
18 alcohol bottles
9 non-alcohol cans
8 non-alcohol bottles

Things that were redeemable before their barcodes became unreadable (32)
22 alcohol containers
10 non-alcohol containers

Non-redeemables (46)
13 alcohol containers
19 water bottles
5 iced tea containers
4 juice containers
2 coffee containers
2 milk containers
1 tin can

Garbage (one medium-sized trash bag)
30 or so plastic and Styrofoam cups (most from Dunkin Donuts)
1 portable fan

If this rate is consistent along Route 244‘s 3.6 miles in Pomfret (which it likely is; there are no major roads that intersect with 244 besides at its ends), there are 1740 recyclable containers thrown out of car windows onto my road every year. There are 28 houses on my street, one golf course, and two large farms. There are 56 containers for each of these! Every week an average of twenty alcohol containers are thrown out car windows onto this one stretch of road.

Because the expanded bottle bill passed fewer water containers will be thrown out of car windows as they have been given value. I am sad that the bottle bill did not include other possible additions such as coffee and tea containers. While the bill was being drawn up there was also talk of increasing deposits to 10 cents. There is other incentive to throw alcohol containers out of car windows. I don’t know how to solve that problem.

The town of Pomfret, Connecticut will be having a town-wide roadside clean up tomorrow, Saturday, April 18th. I will be participating!

There will be two book sales, a rummage sale and an auction on Saturday, May 2nd. I believe that both public libraries are currently accepting book donations at specific times.

I am starting to dream up my summer, and I decided that I am going to make non-stop yogurt and bread. OM NOM NOM

Gay Marriage Legal (again and again!)

yesterday's skys predicted today's outcome

Yesterday evening there was a rainbow in the skies above Bennington’s campus. No doubt the rainbow was a sign that same-sex marriage would be made legal in the state of Vermont the following day! While the governor, Jim Douglas, vetoed the bill, the Vermont legislature mustered exactly enough votes to allow their initial decision to remain. I am very proud to be a student in Vermont. California and Vermont would have been the only states to legalize gay marriage outside of the courtroom had Proposition 8 not passed in California.

This happened only four days after same-sex marriage was made legal by the court in Iowa.

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