I attended inauguration this past Tuesday in Washington, D.C. I had plenty of warning that I would meet cold, crowded streets, but I also knew that history was happening! I wanted to be one of those little specks in the history books of my children.

I witnessed the inauguration of the first black man elected to president. I helped set the Washington Metro’s daily ridership record. twice. I can’t say that I witnessed much more. I need to wait before I am able to tell you that I watched the inauguration of a man who acted on promised change, (although he has changed quite a bit already 1, 2, 3). I am looking forward to the many other positive changes he makes in the coming months, and I am ready for him to make plenty of decisions that I will disagree with.

I stayed with a friend in Bethesda, Maryland during inauguration. Bethesda is just outside the city limits and the metro stop is within a few blocks of my friend’s house. The authors of the book, Way Up North in Dixie were also staying with my friend’s family. I’ve failed attempting to describe the book a few times, NPR knows what’s up. as does the publisher.


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What do you suppose her sign was written on? It looks heavy.

Comment by Katie

It was styrofoam!

Comment by pomfretite

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