Red and White, Groceries and DDT


I’ve been looking for information on the Red and White Grocery chain. I haven’t been able to find much information. I’ve gathered that it works a lot like today’s IGA, and several stores were eventually sold to Hannaford. A few stores remain in existence, but I am unsure about their current affiliation statuses. I’d love to have more information on this chain!

More photographs and information below the jump, including a very detailed description of the photograph above.

In the first photograph I spy a young man stocking shelves near the meats and cheeses. There is a sign that reads “BRING YOUR ROLL FILM HERE FOR DEVELOPING AND PRINTING.” If you look closer, (I scanned these images at a high resolution so that I would be able to read every word), you will see a Red Cross advertisement, issued in 1945 and created by Whitman. The clerk is putting “GRO PUP DOG FOOD” on the shelves above Tomato Ketchup, Kraft Grated Cheese, razor blades and tobacco. Tobacco brands include Old Gold, Merry Widow, Roi-Tan, Pippins, Phillies, Muriel, Imperial King Edward, Earl Marshal, Dexter and Pomfret Arms. You can buy something for 10 cents a pound, and another sign reads that, “WE NOW PAY 10 cents LB FOR USED KITCHEN FATS.” “CORK ALL” and “Scripto” displays are on the counter. Sweet potatoes were 3 pounds for 27 cents. There are boxes of Apple Pyequick on the floor.


Elsewhere in the store there is an advertisement for the Bradley Playhouse in Putnam. Both Fun and Fancy Free and Treasure of Sierra Madre were on the schedule. The McCaskey Register Company in Alliance, Ohio printed the receipts.



more photographs to come?


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