Human Bodies Floating


Roughly one year ago there was an ad for several boxes of books on Freecycle. When I got to the location I found a porch full of books and folks eager to send them home with me. The books were from the attic of an old farmhouse in Woodstock, Connecticut. Many of the books were textbooks while many more were religious texts. One book is titled Twentieth Century Etiquette: A Ready Manuel for all Occasions. The book details the social graces of table manners and greetings as well as the social faux pas of invitation by telephone and the possession of hobbies by men (hobbies makes men most unbearable). It is probably my favorite book of the rather moldy collection. I will write about it later.

I found a rather curious newspaper clipping in one of the books (above). There was no explanation as to why the clipping was kept or where it came from. If you search for “spirlsman” on Google nothing comes up. I can’t think of any other time when this has happened. Luckily, when one searches for “spirlsman” now, one will find oneself here! I love the last line of the article. Everything is “valuable in proportion to its truth.” I don’t understand why more journalists do not include this disclaimer. While this article may not include very many facts regarding floating bodies, it does inform one that there were enough floating bodies in French rivers for Frenchmen to theorize about them.

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