it may be art, but it isn’t pretty

Brooke Singer gave a lecture yesterday evening in Tishman Auditorium as part of the Visual Arts Lecture Series. Singer is interested in making information more accessible to the public.

One project, Superfund365, displays information related to 365 Superfund sites across the United States. Information may be sorted by responsible parties, Superfund refers to the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act. The act required responsible parties to pay for the cleanup. If no party was found responsible, a trust fund created by taxing the petroleum and chemical industries was used to pay for cleanup. Superfund sites are on the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Priorities List, which includes 1550 sites.

After the events of September 11th, the Environmental Protection Agency cleared evacuated New Yorkers to return to Lower Manhattan. Brooke Singer documented the state of offices and apartments covered in dust and debris. She grew skeptical regarding the safety of Lower Manhattan. She is currently working on a piece with Brian Rigney Hubbard called 800 Steps Apart. The piece is about two properties, four blocks apart, which were given far different instructions for cleanup. One cleanup included a hazmat team, the other included a mop and lip balm.

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