July 24, 2008, 10:59 pm
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Two Sunday’s ago I read two articles in the Courant that I enjoyed a lot.

It all came together for me during a recent walk when I crested a hill and saw a clump of shadows — branches, I thought, or were they arms? When I walked closer, I could see a gardener, kneeling, tending a vine. But where the gardener’s arm left off and the vine began seemed indeterminable. Each tends the other, I thought. I carried this image away and the possibility that in each of us, no matter our age or temperament, a garden can grow. Read the rest of the article here.

The spread of Lyme has been linked to a staggering rise in the deer population and to the construction of suburban houses “in the path of the tick tornado.” After years of living near woods in a “paradise” that proved toxic, the author and her family moved four years ago to a high-rise in Stamford to escape the ticks. Read the rest of the article here.

I bought a friend of mine a book titled Lab 257 about the federal germ laboratory on Plum Island. There are theories that Lyme Disease spread from there creating the Lyme Disease epidemic in New England.


Providence Decrees
July 23, 2008, 12:07 am
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I don’t know how I missed the Strange Maps blog for the past two years of its existence. It is well trafficked, updated often and devotes every post pays homage to one or more devout cartographers. I’ve added it to my blogroll as well a virtually frequented sites section which includes Art in Ruins.

It has a section on the Providence Fruit and Produce Warehouse where I not so virtually trespassed. It has since been demolished by the present property owners after receiving permission from the city despite the historical value of the property. This is, sadly, due partially to vandal trespassers (of which I am not one of; my rules when trespassing include not creating obvious additional access points or endangering the accessibility of the site for other trespassers).


MoMA is opening a new exhibit soon that will feature prefabricated housing.

Mr. Sass, an architecture professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has designed prefab housing for New Orleans. He proposes shipping a laser-cutting system with the pieces, which can be assembled with a rubber mallet, so homeowners can erect their own houses. “The house could be a fascinating combination of high-tech design and low-tech assembly,” Mr. Bergdoll said.

Unrelated…my father purchased a pellet stove for our house this weekend. It will be delivered and installed in October. Pellets are compacted sawdust; a bi-product of the sawmill industry. We’re hoping that the financial and ecological costs remain in our favor, despite the decline of the housing boom and the number of people converting to alternative fuels. We still aren’t sure about how to properly circulate air around the house. More on our pellet stove once it has been installed.

Now I Know My ACE’s

A chaperone on one of Arthur’s school trips told me something he overheard when all the kids were neatly lined up in rows of two. The girl holding Arthur’s hand asked him, “Have you heard of Peter Pan?” “No,” he replied, “have you heard of Metro North?”

Here is a little bit of subway humor from the opinion section of the New York Times. It is a series of illustrations and captions by Christoph Niemann.

Looking through posts that have a Pomfret Tag often result in no gain of interesting information or happenings. I did find an interesting post in a blog by the Connecticut Historical Society Library that was posted in January. Despite a few date and grammar related mistakes, it is a good read.